Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Adikku pandai meng-type text message

His 1st text message:

K iz kata balik pukul 3 tapi
tabalik2 pun.ni adik

His 2nd text message:

K iz padan muka tulah panggil
lagi adik joyah

Haha. Cute but super annoying at the same time.
The 1st text, I only read at 2.55 pm, when I already arrived home but didn't get the chance to went inside.
Mama: Kak isz x baca msg?
Kak Isz: Kenapa plak?
Mama: Adik msg. Dia tunggu kak isz reply. Reply la.
Kak Isz: OK OK
(I silent my hp because I have a class before this)
I replied and saw him chasing for my mom's phone for the reply.
Jangan berprasangka baik! He only wants to play the internet and I don't really like it when he kiss my arms 3 times, hugs are okay :/

The 2nd text is because he got scolded by my dad for calling me Mak Joyah :P Actually I was the one who called him Joyah. :PP Of course I had to back up my little bro even if it means I'll get scolded too, which I did.

Annoying but cute.

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