Wednesday, November 18, 2009

What do you SECRETLY wish a guy would do on the first date?

  • Miss Pemilik Blogger: Buy me chocolate and a 'you look nice' compliment :)

  • Miss Anonymous: Buy me the most delicious food he's ever eaten n just have fun

  • Miss Mental-case: He holds my hand n says 'would u marry me?' wow! he's soo hot n really brave! Omg!

  • Miss J: I'd like a compliment of anything bout me & jz hang out, hv quiet chats. Gifts x necessary bt soft toy's good :P

  • Miss AM: Something simple and yet to be remember, picnic for instance and oh yeah a second date :)

  • Miss Sushi Junkie: Bring me 2 rome.haha..if not myb we're going 2 historical places. wow, so romantic. i like. n xlupe gk, die blnje i sushi. gle r. trs trharu..

  • Miss AS: Treat me like a princess n be a gentlemen.. Like open d door 4 me..

  • Miss Kentel: Bring me out for fine dine kt expensive restaurant not forgotten a bouquet of flower for me, then tetibe he play piano for me.

  • Miss Hang-kalut: Commitment n a bouquet of roses

This is actually aimed to help clueless blokes out there but it didn't turn out the way that I wanted it to be :/ but it is funny! :D

Miss Kentel:
Berangan je kan.
Tentu2 lelaki msia x seromantik tu.
Ramai kaki bangku daa.

Malaysian men, do you have anything you want to say?

I am currently reading Inkheart.

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