Thursday, April 1, 2010

Back to basic

Hye! again :D
My blog skin is too gay for you?
I know it's too much for Diana :D
I like the very adorable sun

So, it's 10.35 pm and I actually have to continue my revision of today evening Equity & Trust lecture. Since tomorrow we're having extra E&T, I might just as well add some knowledge aitee..

Why had I decided to blog again after such a long absence?
  1. I feel like my days just passed by without actually remembering what had happened
  2. What a waste if I didn't write at least something down
  3. I'm stressss because I haven't started any serious studying
  4. Gosh, I just miss expressing my thoughts with words
I was bored so I google picture Converse slip on.
Teehee ;D
They're nice, I wish I can buy a pair and never buy shoes again!
:D If only my mum will agree...
I want the navy blue! ♥

I gtg!
Thanks for reading :)
Bye bye
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