Sunday, January 2, 2011

Hello Twenty Eleven! :)

Hello! :)
I guess this is my 1st post for the year 2011.
In 2010, I only came up with 31 post compared to the previous two years when I came up with 67 post each :(

My 2011 Resolution

  • Appreciate and have more faith in myself
Frankly, do you think I'm pretty? because I don't feel pretty for quite a time. That's why I haven't posted picture of myself lately. I guess I wasn't pretty enough for my own blog. How sick is that! Self-confidence issue I guess. This year I won't let it control me, those insecurity. Mark my words! I'll bite you! :p

  • To give my best
May it be studies, blogging, swimming, kickboxing (soon), etc

  • To spend time wisely
To be able to do all the things I want without neglecting my study time
I should have my own timetable...

  • Slim down!
Fit back into my old jeans. I think weighing yourself is DEPRESSING! After all the jogs and no midnight snack, only 1 kg was lost but when I weighed again I'm back to my original weight!
(sebab lepas hilang 1 kg makan malam balik haha :p)
-______-" Stresssss...

  • Blogging
Get 100 followers
Get 1000 visitors

That's all for today!
Thanks for reading.

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