Friday, January 21, 2011

Memory Lane :)

Sorry I haven't update lately, I've been busy with class (I have a pack schedule but I have NO CLASSES on Wednesday and Friday! :D Jealous?) and I 'm in the process of painting mengecat my room :) What a hussle fussle it is! This work of mengecat... but it is fun?

Dear audience, let me show you me when I'm in Form 5 till now!
Jeng Jeng Jeng hehe

Form 5
Me n Zalida
My best friend from standard 1 :)

Part 1 Asasi
Ira Munirah n Me
I miss my jerawat-free days :'(

Part 2 Asasi
Me n Miera
My roomate from part 1 :)

Part 3 Asasi
Diana n me 
Diana wearing tudung tehehe :)
This is the only reason I pick this photo
Even though I look so whatever n the pic is blurry 
Diana looks nice in tudung rite? 

Part 1 Degree
Ibah n Me
This during Raya Time :)

Part 3 Degree
Me, Nanie n Mar
This is during Law Diner Etiqutte
Nanie muka TAK PUAS HATI! 
XD haha
sorry lah nanie, kamera fokus kat i, nk wat cmne kan

Part 4 Degree
Me at Kedai Along, Bukit Lanjan
This is my grandmother's fav hangout
Mee hoon sup ekor here is yummylicious! 

Part 5 Degree
Wargghhhh.. Oily maaa...
At least there's no pimple to be seen :p

ps: I used to be skinny to chubby to skinny and chubby back
I'm in gonna-be-skinny mode! :D

Thanks for reading! :)
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