Wednesday, January 5, 2011

I don't like nostalgia unless it's mine. ~Lou Reed

To my readers,
I need your support to keep on blogging! :)
My loyal fans: my sis, Ibah n Diana Ramlan. I LOVE U GUYS :') XOXO
My dearest friends and you! ;)
Do like my post if you sincerely like them (I've always wanted to be a columnist, who knows someday :D)
Do comment if you want to agree or disagree or just to converse with me ;)
Do chat with me at my cbox, be a sport!
and the most substantial part is to keep coming here! :) Arigato!

I, in return continue to give my best to u! ;)

A few nights ago, I cleaned my room because I wanted to paint my room. Ensuingly, I found all my previous diary. There were so many if them. How nostalgic! B)

Sadly, the longest dated diary was back when I was in Form 5 in SMK (P) Sri Aman. When I was in 5 Sains Damai :) I even have the class timetable! There was also my diaries when I was in UiTM Kedah back then, and when I was in part 1,2,3 at UiTM Shah Alam.

My Form 5 diary
I was a German supporter for FIFA! :)
sbb ada Michael Ballack and Miroslav Klose ;p hehe
On the left, from up to bottom:
Eleen's birthday party invitation, my class timetable
and add math homework checklist.
I was AJK add math. Haha. Terpaksa buat homework add math! :p
me didn't loike add math!
time form 4 suka tiru org sbb x paham langsung
awal2 jela, pastu dh fhm sy buat sendiri
betul ke? hehe

Bila kepala otak berserabut
or when I'm depressed

My drawings

Did you know that Sauropod will leave their eggs defenseless after laying them?
Now you know! ;) hohoho

OMO! How I miss those day back at school and Uitm Kedah!
Baby come back to me... (ikut rentak lagu Vanessa Hudgens) :)

Note to self:
Happy Selling, Happy Working!
We say this every time we finish our briefing
and before we start working at Marks & Spencer.
I miss them! :) 

Thanks for reading!   

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