Sunday, February 6, 2011

Newbie: Ice Skating :) (Part 1)

Hello! :)
Last Friday, I went out with my primary school friends: Rahmah n Aisyah.
Venue: Sunway Pyramid

We went to eat at Ayam Penyet Ekpress.

Me with Lele Penyet and Strawberry blended

Aisyah n Rahmah

Rahmah n Iszati

One way ticket to ice skate
~weeeeeee...! :)
to anyone who's wandering, the ticket is RM25, sock RM5 and hand sock RM8.
So, bring ur own sock from tesco which only cost 99sen :p 

I'm sooooo excited!
It's my 1st time ice skating! :D

On ice skating rink 
Dilarang bawa handphone ya pak :p

Aisyah yg expert ice skating
bcs she plays roller blade

Time out!

Don't you love meeting random cute guy?

I was skating and I fell down (countless of times on my butt). I was getting up... Suddenly, a guy came and held his hand to help me get up. I was like isn't this the cute checkered guy that I saw earlier while ice skating. Lambat sikit otak nk process. haha i sebenarnye dah usha die terlebih dulu. haha he's tall, transparent braces, wore an inner white tee n blue long sleeve checker shirt. Checkered shirt n braces is so cute! 

I wanted to take his hand 


The 1st thing that pops into my mind was a flashback of him with his girlfriend huhu Hurm.. How I should I say it.. tak nak bahagia dengan merampas kebahagiaan org lain Haha gila advance microchip inside this brain of mine ;p Plus, I dh separuh jalan of getting up lagipun, tinggal nak bangun je, x kan nk berpura2 jatuh plak
 -____________-" Fail betul la bab nak pura-pura jadi damsel in distress nie

All this happens in a few nano second haha how amazing rite? Kalah intel microchip
So I didn't accept his hand. Malu la... haha
My sis ckp I shud just see it as an offer for help. I yang lebih2 fikir :p

After my 2nd break, I saw that the girl is actually her sister! Aishhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh....... Tambah jerawat sbb stress tak tentu pasal :p
Malas nak cite panjang bab nie :)

So cute! haha

My newly bought geek speck!
but it's too huge for my face

Aisyah with her sunnies
musykil saya time bila die amik nie ;p

My 1st time ice skating was fun! :)
Even though I went completely hysterical first time menjejakkan kaki di ice skating rink. Cheh.. Habis imej macho saya :p haha I learned that u must have courage in overcoming new challenges; falling is the process of learning :) Betul kan!

Thank u Rahmah n Aisyah sensei for teaching me :) 

Thanks for reading! :)

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