Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Day 2: Lombok and Gili Trawangan (Happy Edition)

Assalamualaikum and Hello!
So many things happened on the second day.
I had decided to split it to Happy and Nightmare edition :D

Super excited to catch Gili's sunset the next day and set our alarm at 5.30 am

Last-last both of our alarm went off but neither of us could and want to get up!
haha kelaut dalam mimpi je :'D
Thanks to our sore (bukan selamat sore)(haha lawak hambar) body and butt, which is the obvious result of years not working out, and cycling with bumpy road (and bicycle's thin cushion).

"alaaa sunset dan sunrise sama je." 
statement dari genius iszati haha 
huahuhuhu (nangis sambil gelak)
sebagai ayat penyedap hati terlepas salah satu event yang menarik

Straight away we had our breakfast before our morning swim. According to our itinerary, we should be snorkelling but time wouldnt let us since we have to board the last boat at 4-5pm. Snorkelling package by public boat is IDR100,000 including gili meno and gili air from 10am till 3pm We decided not to take the risk of missing our flight to Yogyakarta

morning swim ;D 

Seriously it was aeoonsss ago since I had any beach trip. Which was Pantai Morib for our mandarin drama assignment. Even in our Indochina trip last year we didn't include beach. Only kayaking at Ha Long Bay. (selalu misspelled as Hang Long Bay hahaha)

Sedih tak dapat snorkelling, but we had fun just swimming, lazying and taking pictures at the beach :)

 Mbak Diana

crystal clear
It's like having your own private beach haha

Free Teva Advertisement :p
managed to grab it during warehouse sale

*squint squint*
One skin tone lighter before the sun burn
wefie guna dslr di tengah laut haha hebat tak? :p

Posing berfikir tentang masa hadapan (nak makan lunch apa) sambil mandi laut
Somehow Diana's signature shot: senget 

Leaving ma footprints
swim-swim, golek-golek and collecting sea shells

We had our morning swim till lunch hour. 

Jangan gigit! lol



After having fun being Hippoes, we bid goodbyes to the beach *sob sob* and went back so that we can have an awesome lunch at Pearl Beach lounge. I wanted to take those colourful beanies by the beach. Yes, not only what activities, I have to make sure the photos that I want to take.

Even though I was eyeing Ayam Taliwang which was supposed to be one of Lombok delicacies but I still went with my fish burger. haha play safe :p I wasn't in the mood to be adventurous eating local food. Not forgetting, my now favourite ice lemon tea hehe

wahhh cantik picture nie
rasa berbaloi bawa kamera berat haha


signboard macam ni je ada.
sebab tu bila malam lampu tak ada memang tak nampak langung!
takkan la nak raba dinding memalam T____T

Gili Trawangan map

Sekian la happy edition, the calm before the storm haha 

Thanks for reading!

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