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Day 2: Lombok and Gili Trawangan Part 2 (Nightmare Edition)

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Enough with the chit chat, let's head on to our nightmare edition.
(susah nak buat post nie T____T)

This is where our NIGHTMARE begins,
and where everything went DOWNHILL.
Seram tak? haha 

Before we start how about some dose of happiness

Gili Gelato

Gili Gelato Cookie Cream

Pick your Gili Gelato flavour :)

yum yum sedap!
sejuk la sikit hati yang tak nak tinggalkan Gili huhu

Our Lion Air flight to Yogyakarta was at 6.00 am on our Day 3 trip. Actually that was the cheapest ticket in that week and there weren't many flights from Lombok to Yogyakarta.We bought it tanpa berfikir panjang, yang penting murah. haha Bertuah betul budak dua orang nie ish ish Tanggunglah padah nye...

This is because:
We need to be at the airport at least 2 hour before which is around 4 am
From Bangsal Jetty to Airport takes 1 1/2 hour by taxi, that will be around 2.30 am
From Gili jetty to Bangsal Jetty by boat takes 45 minutes, that will be around 1.45am

Masalahnye ada ke taxi  pukul 2.30 am? 
Masalahnye ada ke boat pukul 1.45 am?

Actually we planned it to be around 3 days in Gili but due to noobness it had become 1 1/2 day huhu Our night stay at the Jati Village got burned. Burn RM100 semalam (tu pun kira murah okay). 

We were at the jetty at 4.30 pm to catch our last boat to Bangsal Jetty. Luckily, the boat went off at 4.45 pm. See told cha they don’t have fixed time system. It is better that you come early. Another problem would be taxi availability. It’s a small jetty.

When we were getting off the boat, then there was the infamous incident of someone balloon pants terkoyak
(identiti dirahsiakan)

We were flabbergasted on our next step. We kept on procrastinating finding the solution, procrastinator terunggul! haha Outside the koperasi, we heard an Indonesian couple talking. Pastu bergaduh sape nak pergi bercakap Diana gave up and asked whether they are waiting for a taxi too. They said no and we asked whether they have any Lombok taxi number. Which they said no but they tip us off, saying we can find a taxi at the main road.

I spotted a taxi (the only taxi) quite far away and ran since the supir seems like he's driving off. I ran with my 14 kg backpack. Syukur alhamdulillah, pak supir agreed to our request to Lombok Airport. Both of us pengsan dalam taxi. Mengantuk gila sampai tak boleh buka mata. O___O I had to force myself to open my eyes because Diana dah pengsan tahap kalau gempa bumi skala 7 pun tak sedar, since I have this paranoia of us being only two girls.

Last-last kecundang juga tido. huhu 
Suddeny the car slow down and we immediately woke up. 

jeng jeng jeng

Pak tu berhenti mahu solat. wahhh sejuk hati. haha 
Then we head on berborak. Gelak sampai keluar air mata sebab insiden seluar koyak. 

Considering we had nowhere to stay that night, we thought of passing the time at the surau or McDonald or any fast food restaurant that opens 24 hour. There were none. It turns out even the airport closed at night.  

In the end, we spend a few hours at Solaria which opens until 10.30 pm

Telur Fu Yong

Iced Lemon Tea and our Backpack dates
Gelap gambar = Gelap masa depan 

We went out the restaurant before it close and finally googled to find the nearest hotel to the airport. Heck, it's not safe for us to be there, even if we have to spend more money. huhu

Grand Royal BIL hotel  
  • 5 minute drive from Lombok International Airport
  • Free Airport Shuttle
Alhamdulillah the hotel have rooms for us. ~woohoooo 

After settling down in the comfy beds, I realized I left my and our only international plug adapter at Jati Village. omgeeee! We end up giving our powerbanks to the Hotel since theirs are being used by others. Which they charge into their computer. 

At last, we check out around 4 am and was shuttled to the airport with two others. So many hardship just to get on this Lion Air flight T____T


5.07 am at Lombok International Airport

Long queue 

Ayuh ke Yogyakarta
1 hour 20 minutes

Lion Air flight from Lombok to Yogyokarta

Thanks for reading!
I'm finally done with this post!

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