Monday, December 22, 2014

Muzium Negara Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

Assalamualaikum and Hello! :)

Yes, I'm one of the Selangorians that contributed to the jams in Kuala Lumpur due to Sultan Selangor birthday. Habis dalam twitter orang KL complain haha Anyway, my mom suddenly wanted to go to the Muzium Negara Kuala Lumpur with her friend, Auntie Mas. Being a couch potato, of course I wanted to catch up with the latest anime but since I've went to Museum Nasional Indonesia but not Malaysia itself, I decided to tag along to take some pics. 

Somehow I have the feelings of
Deja vu di Muzium Negara, bukan Deja vu di Kinabalu.
I must have been here when I was in Primary School.

Opening hours: 9am-6pm
Adults with mykad entrance fee was only RM2.

Tunggu le boyfriend habis meeting hal negara

I love vintage map

Wayang kulit
I love the vibrant colours

This looks like one of the scene from P. Ramlee movies

I love how there's an element of war with our national flower, Hibiscus

Rolls Royce

The traditional game of Congkak

Every Malaysian childhood game, Galah Panjang
I used to play these at Badminton Court at my grandmother's house

Ibunda menunggu kepulangan anakanda 

Wau in the making, Malaysia traditional kite

Raja Beruk
King of Ape

Pictures that caught my eyes, the way they play the instruments
(guna hidung weyh haha)

Sakinah and our ice cream

Food and Iszati berpisah tiada :D

Okay, lepas ni dah tak kena perli dah pergi Museum Nasional tapi Museum negara sendiri tak pernah pergi. Plus, I was dissappointed that the I couldn't take the front door of the museum and the pretty tiles since they were still under renovation.

Thanks for reading!

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