Thursday, February 5, 2015

Day 5: Yogyakarta: Museum Benteng Vredeburg and Kereta Api Indonesia

Assalamualaikum & Hello!

I've been so busy lately with whatnot and pretty much preoccupied with One Piece (I am literally obsessed with Zoro haha) I have freaking 500+ episodes to go! haha Truthfully, I'm someone who's passionate at one period time till I get tired of it like my blog hehe Only a few exceptions such as Nasi Lemak :p If I ever get fat, you'll know the main reason is Nasi Lemak kerang telur goreng everyday for breakfast! Oh goshhh...


It was under renovation, I ended up taking picture of the entrance only. I was pretty much busy making calls to activate my international card usage usage since they weren't answering calls and Diana has no card (kena telan). Jalan Malioboro was nearby, we walk and I had my nasi gudeg, Yogyakarta traditional javanese food. I'm not fond of it because it contains jack fruit (nangka). And it was bloody hot since there was no electricity in the city! (Remember I mention this in my revious Jalan Malioboro post) Plus, Diana's tummy wasn't feeling well. Hikmah blackout probably to  save our selves from shopping. haha We still have Bandung the so called shopping paradise to go!   Looks like I'm the last one laughing since we had to take becak since somehow taxi drivers were not available. Sempit and lenguh huhu We're leaving at 11pm by train .


The terminal has guards and its totally safe.
 Much better than Lombok airport at 9pm. 
Nothing to be afraid of taking the night train.

Aktivti memancungkan hidung tengah malam buta
Ramai siap ada makan nasi bungkus kat lantai lagi

Price: IDR 882.500,00 (2 tickets), Administration fee IDR 7.500,00 Total IDR 890.000,00
Time: 11.05pm-6.41 am, 7 hour 40 minutes
Type: Argo Parahyangan
Class: Executive

You can pick your own seats
Free blue blanket each
2 plug socket
Spacey leg room

There are many classes and types of train. I did my research at this website click here 
Diana reserved and bought our tickets by credit card at 

Print out the voucher that is attached to your email and exchanged it at the train station at least 1 hour before boarding.

Train attendant male and female
passing through for any meal orders. 
I was too sleepy to order anything.

The train's bag compartment was too tall for us shorty below 1*0 cm hahaha, asked this guy who was sitting next to me previously at the train station where I chatted with him for awhile (I couldn't understand him much, so we just talk about our next destination) The problem was the guy was gone in the morning, we had porter taking it for us and yes, they charged us huhu a lot! *nangis*)

The toilet is quite clean. We had no trouble sleeping like a log haha


Price: IDR 212.500,00 (2 tickets), Administration fee IDR 7.500,00 Total : IDR 220.000,00 
Time: 4.15pm-7.04pm, 3 hour journey
Type: Argo Parahyangan
Class: Executive

I ordered the most recommended thing to do/eat which is the nasi goreng ~wowoohhooo It was nice and cheap. I was also eyeing the pastry pie with soup with it but knew that I couldn't finish my food.
It looks good, you should try it and let me know! haha

We decided to take the train knowing the route to Jakarta by vehicles is very the macet! Diana took lots of picture and a few videos while I was feeling like a lazy hippo haha and totally focused on my food. Learning from our mistake we placed our huge bagpack at the expense of our legroom. I am not paying them anymore! haha Baik iollsss simpan utk shopping! haha

Peace sikit dapat juga nasi goreng woohoo

Khusyuk makan haha

The famous Bandung rice terraces 

Thanks for reading!
This is such a technical post!
~pheeeewww glad I'm done with it

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