Tuesday, January 27, 2015

The Dancing Fish Bangsar

Assalamualaikum & Hello!

Yeahhhh Adik Adibah belanja for her first paycheck! ;) at the Dancing Fish Bangsar Shopping Centre. It is advisable that you call them beforehand for reservation since most of the time it's full. click here for the website.


Appetizer, Salad, Soup, Seafood

Poultry, Meat and Vegetables

Individual Set Menu, Kid's menu, Rice, Beverages and Cold Beverages


You can either by Set, if you're confused by the ala-carte choices.

More desserts! woohooo!

Bak duit nak tengok wayang!

My usual Iced Latte!
Let's just say that they don't specialize in making coffee.   

Sakinah's cendol.
Looks good and taste good.

They serve these Emping before the meal.
(and you pay for these too! haha)

Dancing Fish Kedondong
A must since hey it's the dancing fish I guess.
Yummsiiieee!! Taste a lil bit like tom yam.

Cumi Belado

Dendeng Belado
Gulai Pucuk Paku Pakis

Gelato Trio: Strawberry, Mango and Coconut.

Chocolate Orange Brownies


Hey, overall I like it: the food, atmosphere and service. Maybe we'll come again with my paycheck? haha

Thanks adik Adibah!
Thanks for reading!

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