Tuesday, September 23, 2008

good news and bad news

Monday 22/9/2008
Went to law tutorial as usual and received baddddddd news. We had to repeat our tort law. jeezz.. it is not a seperate test from contract but it is actually 2 in 1. tort and contract together!
=.='' Damn. double lecture notes to read. double headache. @ ____ @
Madam Rosnelin said angrily, " i feel like being cheated, you are cheating to me. There was students who know exactly the case, plaintiff and defendant. You are the first class who took the test".

Numerous students of PL3C, said " NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO madam".

Madam Rosnelin said sternly, " you all needs to be punish. you are going to resit the tort test together with contract".

Students of PL3C said, "shittttttttttttttttttt...".

okay, the last sentence was a lie. i swear to god all i can think of was shit, shit , shit. But i guess its fair. most of the pre-law except our group knew what was coming up. Some people cant zip their mouth and just have to tell other people about it.

Ketidak puas hatian Mimie and Iszati
drawn by iszati: 1, 3 and 5
mimie: 2 and 4


Gud news. no presentation for me today!! :D
today was a day of Muhammads and volunteers.

topic: crash driving

topic: fuel and goods increase

topic: vandalism
he was funny :D
he really does look like a pembaca berita with his smart outfit and the way he present

topic: pirated goods
i like his presentation layout

topic: warez ( illegal software, i think)

credit to Mardiah for snapping the pictures.


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