Saturday, September 27, 2008

Pet Peeve

Pet Peeve

The dictionary defined pet peeve as a particular and personal annoyance. In other words, it is a particular, irritating something that drives you absolutely over the edge! You may find others’ habits annoying, but even you probably have a little niggling trait or two…

One of my pet peeves is people who are ‘bodoh sombong’. People who are not that smart on something, but refuses to ask help or advice and act all smart. Ooo.. this attitude just gets on my nerve. I find them as the most stupid of all types of stupidity. There’s no such thing as asking a stupid question, not asking is stupid. Urghh.. I also find man who acts rudely towards woman as unworthy to be respected. Uncilized people gets on my nerve as well.

Well, I have my own annoying habit that drives people up the wall. My sense of hearing is not that good (I depend more in visual). So don’t talk or communicate verbally with me when the environment is too noisy or the distance is too far. I’ll just act as if I receive the message, while I’m actually are not. I’ll just nod my head or say ‘haah’. And I’m blur. I think this annoys people the most. Diana says im loud and it annoys her. = . ="

All I have to say, nobody is perfect. Try to accept a person just the way there are. Well, I tried with these kind of people, it just won’t work, they just piss me more. I can stand hypocrites but not them. I hope you’ll accept me just the way I am. Bcoz I will too. ;0

hey, i want to know ur pet peeve.
so i'm tagging 3 people to tell me their pet peeves:

- diana
- faiznur
- effa


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