Sunday, November 16, 2008

Let's go BABY

Hana Kimi


Ashiya Mizuki is a Japanese girl from California who disguised herself as a boy to study in the all boys school Osaka Gakuen. A year before, she saw Sano Izumi in a high jump competition and began to idolize him. Unfortunately, Sano Izumi injured himself in an incident that involved Ashiya Mizuki and he stopped high jumping ever since. Ashiya blames herself for what happened and promised to make Sano high jump again. The only way she can do it is to enroll in the same school as Sano and act as a boy. Can she do it?

The main character:

Nakatsu, Mizuki and Sano.

Scenes from the j-drama:

Nakatsu starts falling for Mizuki, even though she was a boy. He was starting to ask his sexuality. "I'm not homo!!" , "I'm not gay!!" It's not his fault though, girls still have their feminine side even if they cut their hair short ie eyes.

Hehe. Nakatsu was happy he had a sensual feeling towards the *ehem ehem* lying around carelessly. To him it was prove that he still have feelings towards girl, and he was damn happy he's not homo or gay.
He gets nosebleeds when he started thinking about benda x senonoh berkenaan ngan Mizuki, which currently was her in a Bikini. :P

This is when he found out Mizuki is a girl. :D
Oh my gawsh! This part was so sad for Nakatsu :'(

Peace! Guess what he was actually participating. Sneezing competiton, stupid kn. hehe. They were sticking tissue into their nostril, the first one wins. I like it when Nakutsu do hand gesture and he seems talkin to himself. Comel dowh!

Kawaii!! HAHA my sis have the exact red specs n they're hawt! Nakatsu looks soo cute n adorable as a nurse (i think). X boleh bla! hehe

Nakatsu when he had to say goodbye: "even when i'm a old that i can't even remember my own name, all the time we've spent together, i'll never forget, to me you are the best, the best friend i ever had, i'll never say goodbye, japan and american are on the same earth, if we want to meet we can still do whenever we want". Oh my gosh, so shcweet :)

sorry for the biasness, but I can't help it, I just heart Nakatsu, he's so funyyyyyy and kawaii. ^-^


Anonymous said...

nakatsu is adorable!

blurbee said...

i noe! he's so cute :p