Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Nur Ain

Who is she? Why have I never mentioned her in my blog before? Okayh Okayh. She is my adik angkat. She was adopted when she was an infant, a few days old, if I'm not mistaken. Her mother married a married man but she doesn't know about it. When she was pregnant, he left her. She was devastated and she can't afford to have the baby due to financial problems. Consequently, she gave her baby to someone who wanted to adopt her. For some reason, that person can't take care of the baby. My mom took the baby and named her Nur Ain.

A few years pass, my mom and her friend found Ain's mother who missed her baby and wanted to take her back. My mom decided that was the best option. So, we gave Ain back to her mom. Her mother works and lives in a kindergarten in Ampang. Ain didn't like it at all. She cried when my parents leaves her at the kindergarten.

Now, Ain comes to visit and stay with us for a few day during the weekends or school hols. She's 3 years old now. She calls her mother, mak, my father, papa and my mom, mama. She calls me, tak isz; Adibah, Iba; Sakinah, Kina; aiman, aiman and idris, adik =.=".



Ain Salleh said...

i tot its me!

blurbee said...

no its not ;P