Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Stairs that excruciated me ;P

This is a SPM candidate

my sis, Adibah

Last Sunday, me and my family member: papa, mama, me, sakinah, enan, idris and ain, went to visit my sister, Adibah. As you can see, she's having her last week of SPM. Kena la bagi semangat and support ;) My dad called me wayy early in the morning, asking me to ask my mom whether are we going to visit Iba. My mom said she's not sure yet (but i noe we will go, SPM la weyh). Then, I msged my dad and Iba that my mom is still not sure. Then, I went back to dreamland... zzzzzz..

Woke up around 12 pm because idris urged me to get up my lazy arse as we were going to see Iba. So I msged Iba to let her know that we were coming to pay a visit. I bathed, helped my mom a bit in the kitchen, ironed my clothes and feed Ain.

Then, we're off to Kuala Kubu. My mom singgah kejap Baker's Cottage to get cakes and also to get tauhu (betul ke nie ?_?). Oh, my sister studies in MRSM Kuala Kubu. She studied in SMK (P) Sri Aman from form 1 till form 3 and MRSM from form 4 till form 5. The journey was not that long, since it is only located in Selangor (not like Sakinah's MRSM in Negeri Sembilan and my U in Kedah =.=").

We were waiting for her in the dining hall. My mom asked Idris and Sakinah to go look for her in her room, but no one was there. My mom asked Iba's friend who was nearby with her family as where could Iba be? The girl suggested that Iba may have went to class and to find her kat atas. Kat atas means the school and you have to use the 99 stair (-_-!!) to get there. "Kak isz pergi ngan kinah ngan Idris kat atas," ordered my mom to me. To me Kat atas = Stairs.. Alaaaaa...... The only stairs I've used since Uitm Kedah was my room stairs, and they're only 15 steps.. :( MRSM KKB stairs have 99 steps.. Warghhhh!!!..

Being an obedient eldest child of my parent, I obliged. Sigh. Aiman volunteered to go, so Sakinah stayed to search at the surau. *panjat tangga* semput dowh. Idris was like, cepatlah kak isz, lambatnyeee... =.=" i am trying my best here me Mister! Jezzzz.. *huff puff* Akhirnye, berjaya. yeah!

So we searched and we searched Adibah's enormous school but we only searched the ground level. I thought tak kan ade kelas kat atas kowt. Akhirnye, tak jumpe. I decided Adibah x ada kat atas, the school. *Balik lah, mungkin Iba dah ada kat bawah tgh enjoy makan. Bile nak sampai tangga, jumpe Kinah, die cakap tak jumpe Ibah pown. I was determined to turun n convinced myself that Iba mesti dah ade kat bawah. Iba was not there. Haiyaa. I got scolded for not finding her in higher altitude, meaning tingkat 2 or 3 or 4. Haizzz.

Went up again. Haizz.. Naik tangga lagi.... huhu.. This time, we searched high and low. Surprisingly, we saw a sign of civilization kat tingkat 3 (nape x perasan sebelum nie eh). So naik la ke tingga 3, which involves stairs again. We walked and saw 3 people in a classroom. I was hesitating whether I should ask them or not. *alaa.., x yah la, Iba mesti ada kat kelas mane2. What was I thinking, the school was huge and how the heck am I going to find Iba. -Malu bertanya sesat jalan-. Jadi, I asked the boy who was at the back of the classrom. "Excuse me. Kenal Ibah x? Dia ada kat mane?" asked me to the spectacled boy. He said yes and he brought me to Iba's whereabout. Thank you bespectacled boy :)

The class was located in the middle of i-don't-where, I'm sure you can't find it menggunakan mata kasar. hehe. He also called Iba for me. Thankiu again :) We finally found Iba. Mission accomplished!

Iba, mama and Sakinah.

fyi, I hate stairss!!

-gud luck!!-

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