Saturday, November 15, 2008

When loneliness creeps

for the first time, i feel a little bit lonely. hurm. i need someone to talk to. someone who is willing to hear my stupidity, my rants.. someone who is not going to judge me. someone who will not say: what have you done?; i can't believe u had done dat?; why haven't you thought it more carefully before u do it? etc. someone who will always be there for me, no matter what i've done, say.. someone to help me calm down when i feel like doing stupid stuff. someone to help me find my courage when i have none left. someone to make me cheerful again when i'm gloomy like hell. i dont want some selfish idiot who proclaimed to be there for me, be my shoulder, bla bla bla. eat dung la u. i want someone to tell me, as a human you make mistake, as long as you regret what you had done and never do it again, everything will be alright.

i need my sister. but right now, she's giving all out for her SPM. i need u. come home fast. and i will be just fine. she's the only person in the entire world who understands me, nvr judge me, forgive me for my stupidity, my naiveness, my blurness.. she is my sister, my best friend, my courage, my everything...

when will the damn bloody SPM ends.

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