Thursday, November 20, 2008

My Mistake :P

Diana: i need to tell something bout ur post
iszati: owh
iszati: write it in my blog
Diana: It's about jasmin ilyani
Iszati: Owh
Diana: She's our CSC Lecturer laaa..
Diana: We had to send our biodata to her on our first class
Diana: and it's Liyana Jasmay
Iszati: ahahahahhaha
Iszati: ahahahhahahahha

Can you believe it?
I've mistaken
Jasmin Ilyani for Liyana Jasmay
PL1C lecturer for KAMI actress

Thankiu Diana for giving me a logic reason to my sillyness.
Have a safe and fun trip to Japan and Ameera and Sarah too.


you know i love u


Ain Salleh said...

hey... tadika chim taman tun?
taman tun have tadika chim ker?
no...its in Damansara...
dekat dgn masjid mujahiddin..
dia exactly dkt roundabout..
sama ngan u ker ???

Ain Salleh said...

hahahha! ouhmigod!
seriously? u found me?
boleh i tgk the pic?
yeah! i ade fringe dulu!
keturunan fringe time kecik2
yeah yeah...
diana ibrahim was also in tadika chim!
sama class ngan i....

nadiaaa said...

dude this is funny :D:D