Monday, November 16, 2009

Marks & Spencer

Hello readers!
If I said I didn't know what kawtim is, would you curse me?

Ucu: Kak isz isi form dulu, then interview..
kawan ucu akn tlg kawtim kn nnt
Me: Kawtim tu apa ucu? Hehe
Ucu: Adoii kak isz..kawtim tu sort off mcm
arrange kn la camtu :)

I'm off to work at Marks & Spencer, One Utama. But when should I start? I only enjoyed 4 days of total freedom but I need need need money! Okay, I want want want want MORE MONEY! Since I only used RM50 from my last paycheck.

"You can save all you want cos in the end you'll just use it"

Don't you agree?
I just realized I haven't upload any picture of me working at Parkson One Utama for last semester holiday. So here it is when we actually took this illegally :P

Ekin from Princess and Me from Transformer

Ekin and Me

Ekin and I-don't-remember-his-name

I'm currently reading LOTR 1,
quite a challenge.

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