Saturday, November 14, 2009

Ketandusan Idea

Hi! Ketandusan idea melanda diriku... Yeap! I'm gettin more and more melancholic these days... Not to mention I haven't had anything serious to post, not that kind of serious but a decent post I shall say. But, yesterday something had made it a fun day!

Best Friend: Muhd Idris and Nik Zaen.

Nik Zaen has a Facebook.

Idris also wants a Facebook.

Nik Zaen camwhored with a stuffed cat.

Idirs also camwhored with a stuffed cat.

Nik Zaen wants to eat his stuffed cat.

Idris also wants to eat his stuffed cat,

But I told him to shut up and leave me with my internet alone.

Actually I told him it's my turn to online and he should go play somewhere else :) I'm so effin bored I think I'll re-read any of my beloved book.

Nik Zaen is soooooooo adorable and super duper cute!

He wrote this:
I always get bulid by Ariffin.

Bulid? So cute! :)
It turns out that Ariffin bullies both Nik Zain and Muhd Idris.

Shall it be,
Pendragon or Eragon?

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