Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Interior is more important than exterior, are you sure?

Hello readers! I'm sorry for the late post.
I went for my Marks & Spencer interview today :) and I got it! Yeah!
The funniest part was

GM: Pernah wrap present sebelum ni?
Me: Tak pernah :/
GM: Kalau nak wrap present hantar kat mana?
Me: Hantar kedai :/ :/ (Lovely Lace to be exact)

OMG! I'm hopeless!

GM: Kalau orang ajar boleh belajar tak?
Me: Boleh! ;)

I'll start this friday morning at 9.30 am. Hurm, I don't think I can't afford to sleep back after Subuh but what the heck. I'm doing it for money.

After my interview we went to eat at Otak-Otak Place. Personally, I think the atmosphere was really comfy, we even played Happy Family game while waiting for our food to arrive and oh boy it arrived very fast. I had chicken chop with wedges and teh tarik; Idris had Hainese chicken rice and teh tarik; and my mom had coffe.

Then, we went to MPH :)
I wanted to buy Brisingr hardcover but it was RM102.90! Bloody Mahal!!

Me: Mama, nak beli hardcover atau paperback? Hardcover 102 Paperback 32

Yes, beza 70 hinggit!

Mama: Baik beli yang 32 ringgit, kalau 102 dah boleh beli 3 buku
Me: alaaaa ma, buku yang sebelum nie hardcover ma.
tapi dulu 80 ringgit je

I pondered for a long time and bought the paperback and 2 more books!
So, I bought 3 books!



The Abhorsen Chronicles


Okay, my mom was the one who paid for the books. You have to know your limit and push it to the Max! :D Teknik ini harus dipelajari dan harus dipratikkan kpd your mommy, daddy, boyfriend and hubby ;P but I bought my black working shoe with my own money okayyy.

My problem now is,
which book shall I read first,
Brisingr or Inkheart or Abhorsen?

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