Saturday, May 1, 2010

Love me

Hi! :)
Gosh, I was sick for 3 days!
On the day of my Criminal Law paper and till now.
I usually get sick for 2 days, I guess my anti-body had gone weak :/

I usually don't eat my medicine,
but since I'm having my Land Law paper this Monday
I just had to endure 8 tablets of panadol activfast
but still tak makan ubat batuk & selsema :P

Rilex la bro! :D

I still hadn't read my Land Law yet!
I slept for 2 whole day.
In order to get well, you have to get enough rest.

I'll start tonight.

My go-get-yourself-something-nice-after-exam is:

1. 3 books! :)
2. charm-bracelet or necklace or ring
3. jeans (?) maybe marble jeans, acid-wash jeans or red jeans? (mcm menggedik je?)
4. any long sleeve
5. cute tee
6. flats

Rancangan sahaja :D

See u after finals!

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