Sunday, January 4, 2015

Day 3: Yogyakarta: Yogyakarta Palace (Kraton)

Assalamualaikum & Hello! 

I'm trying to finish as soon as possible my #girlfriendgetaway trip before I get too lazy! Fighting! Thanks Diana for correcting my mistakes in my last post which I had edited. If I wait for it to be a perfect post, heck, you'll never be seeing it. I still haven't come up with label tags. I like writing but it seems my lack of vocabulary makes my post a bit dull.  

After much needed rest from our hectic schedules, we hurriedly head out to visit Yogyakarta Palace (Kraton), Taman Sari Water Castle and shopping at Malioboro Road. (I'm making seperate post since the amount of photos are overwhelming! I tend to take too many pictures)

Istana Keraton Jogjakarta
Yogyakarta Palace (Kraton)

Selamat datang!

Admission IDR12,500
Guided tour by donation 

Opening hours: 8am-1.30pm

Okay, salah satu perkara yang akan dimaafkan apabila anda seorang backpackers adalah apabila baju tak matching and bergosok haha like what I'm wearing here. Please close one of your eyes for me!  

Plus since I didn't drink a lot of mineral water in the last two days, I'm having whitehead breakouts! huhu This is because I was afraid of the availability of toilets. As a solution, I drink as much as I can in my place of stay. Thank God I brought Avene thermal spring water mist which I use when my face gets either too dry or oily. 

Looks like the lamp post from Narnia! :)
Maybe javanese Prince Caspian looks like Afgan?? haha

I think the traditional clad is so beautiful. Photo-worthy! :)

I just love love love gold, red and black combination! ____

Magnificent colours of Black, Red and Gold!

Reminds me of Roti Canai and Pizza! haha

"k izz nanti kalau kak izz pegi istana raja dia.. mama lupa nama dia.. tlg belikan mama ubat mcm ni.. Dia ada kat tepi.. ada nenek tua jual.. belilah 4 ke 5 boleh..

jamu selalu puteri2 jawa kraton makan. itu yang buat kulit dia orang cantik and slim.. dia ada jual dalam istana je.. kat tepi sudut.. ada orang jual.. tolong belikan ya..."

Mama knowing I was coming here requested for jamu. The only thing me and Diana saw were bakso stall and small post office. All the staff/paks were men. Mana datangya nenek tu saya tak tahu.

Anyway we took a becak (trickshaw) from here to Taman Sari. It's nearby, so I suggest you try riding one for experience ;)

Thanks for reading!
Anyone can suggest me any good female blog? :) 

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