Friday, January 9, 2015

Day 3: Yogyakarta: Shopping at Jalan Malioboro

Assalamualaikum & Hello!

Since I've been jobless for almost a week now, I have ample time to update my blog. After Friday's steamboat lunch and a cup of coffee so that my brain won't be lazy, here I am. Anyhow, my smartphone motherboard has gone kapush! *huhu If I want to replace it, the cost is around RM710 I'm jobless and with no smartphone! *pass me tissue

Shop till you drop at Malioboro Road!

Ladies and their Catch of the Day
We bought lots of Batik and t-shirts

Jogja Becak

Wefie in Becak :D

hehe pak nie asyik senyum je haha

Pasar Sore Malioboro

Day 3 haul
hahaha I know what you're thinking!
I only own half of them ngehe mine's on the left

We had a quick eat and charging our phone session at Dunkin Donuts since we can't decide what to eat and being super duper hungry! For dinner we had Pizza Hut and oh boy we ordered a lot! haha Pizza Hut Indonesia is 10 times better than Malaysia! Wider varieties and better quality! But no pictures :(( because I didn't save it in my SD card. *nangis*

Day 4 pun pergi shopping sore at Jalan Malioboro

Day 4 haul
I love the vintage postcards!
Day 5 haul?
Nasib baik hari ketiga, petang tu black out the whole city. haha yeap! Coincidence? We even have to take becak with our 15kg backpack. 

Here's the boutique that are between Taman Sari and Malioboro Road that our pak becak brought us:

Dewi Calista
Jl Ngasem 51
Yogyakarta DI Yogyakarta

Batik Seri Rejeki
Jl KH Wachid Hasyim No 53
(Depan Taman Parkir Wisata Ngabean)

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