Friday, January 16, 2015

Day 4: Yogyakarta: Prambanan Temple

Assalamualaikum & Hello!


Entrance fee for foreigners: IDR207,000 with complimentary tea/coffee. 

It is also A UNESCO World Heritage Site. However, different from Borubudur Temple which is a Buddhist temple, Prambanan Temple is a Hindu temple. It's only 1 hour drive so I suggest you visit this after Borubudur. It is smaller in size than Borubudur Temple, that when we saw it was like ni je ke? There's only 5-6 candi and there's nothing inside the candi.

Wahhh biru nyee awannn... Please jangan tertipu ingat sejuk nye and redupnye cuaca. This is because I had edited the picture's temperature. It was so hot that I can feel my feet burning! Kalau bawah telur mentah terus jadi telur rebus! *saje nak exaggerate* Please wear your sunblock!

My second time jumping,
first time I fall on bended knees!

Some of the damages due to the May 2006 Yogyakarta earthquake.

If you're lucky enough you can take a picture of an airplane and the Candi.

Cheeky girls just want to have fun! 

Afgan and Good Day
Lucu Banget! 

Hi Afgan, I minum Good Day gak!
wakakaka *gelak orang gila*
Actually I bought this in Lombok, siap angkut semata-mata nak instagram.

By reason of my note 2 was beyond repair, I bought super cheap smartphone, Lenovo using my newly obtained BR1M. It only cost me RM 290 and the rest I spent it on lunch with Kinah at OU while channging my SIM card. I am berok! huhu

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