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Day 4: Yogyakarta: Borobudur Temple

Assalamualaikum & Hello!

On our day 4 we went to the Borobudur Temple, Prambanan Temple and Pantai Parangtritis. Diana email our host and she arranged for a supir for 12 hours.

RM40/RP450,000 supir and petrol for half day (avanza can fit 5-6 person) 
IRP380,000 Borobudur sunrise tour (foreigner visitor) more info


Good morning from Borubudur Temple! 

Buddhist stupa and temple complex in Central Java,Indonesia dating from the 8th century, and a UNESCO World Heritage Site

While I was reading wikitravel, I found out you can take picture of Mount Merapi in the background! argghhh stresss 

Gelap lagi time ni! hehe 

We opted for the sunrise tour since it's a weekend to avoid too many people and catch Mr Sunrise. We force ourselves to wake up around 3 am ish The fact that I'm used to sleep around 1 am and here I had to wake up early since everything starts early was taxing to me huhu but don't worry since I straight away gobbled down my early breakfast of Pizza Hut Okonomiyaki small size pizza! *wink wink* haha The sunrise tour is more expensive than normal because you have to go through Manohara hotel entrance at 4.30am. We bought our tickets at the hotel reception and were given Borubudur sticker and flashlight. 

Did my Subuh at the hotel. I still can't get used to the idea that prayer room is one room and co-ed. A bit uncomfortable, I was lucky that I was following a group of females and we dominated the room while the men were waiting for us to finish. Not to mention the place of ablution is in open place too. 

Anyway, it was cold and dark when we had to walk with other visitors through the hotel garden and hike the steep and tall stairs of Borobudur. Super excited sebab rasa macam nak pergi camping! hahaha I am an acrophobic but Diana has it way worse! Naik Bukit Bendera Penang pun rasa tak stabil and macam dunia berputar. 

Sunrise from Borobudur Temple

Yeahh! We wore our batik that we just bought yesterday!
Batik days uollsss :p 

One of our funny exprience were kena sound dengan orang lain. Diana kena sound dengan orang sebab tak gerak dari spot duduk hahaha tapi sound indirect la. Meanwhile, I kena sound ngan lelaki mat salleh sebab blocking die tengok sunrise. yela, i fokus nak ambik gambar sunrise tak perasan pak cik nie sitting against the stupa. Yelah sebelah mata tutup and sebelah mata dah melekap kat dslr. haha nak capture the moment la kannnn :p plus, it's a public place pak cik ooooiiiiii bukan private golf club, aihh bengang betul but I just kept quiet. Maleh den nak layan.

We had to wait for quite awhile and a lot of people were there. Everyone was waiting for the sunrise and saving a spot. Got bored waiting for the sunrise, so I went off to take pictures of the other side. Basically, the temple's structure is a round within a square. Hence, you have to be creative with your shots since wherever you turn it's just the same scenery.

In any case, you should just chill because many others were on a haste since they're going under agent or just bored waiting.

The stupas of Borubudur Temple

Rocking my double chin! :p

Yeap, time ni dah open tu public at 6am
Ramai gila berpusu-pusu naik.  

A must place in your Yogyakarta Itinerary! :)

Thanks for reading!

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