Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I'm feeling Murderous

I cried.

I was watching season 2 of Spa Q, when suddenly i had the most powerful contact on my right eye and less than a second, my left eye. My left eye hurts the most, I think it was because it was hit by a bigger momentum than my right. Of course my eyes were shut. I could feel that the source of it was something small and thin and hard. My guess, it was my leather belt. I was damn right.

I was caught off-guard. My eyes were vulnerable. I was bloody watching Spa Q when I got hit. It was excruciating. My reflexes was to cover my tightly closed eyes with my hand because my eyeballs hurt soo much. I wanted to cry. So, i did.

My brother said sorry for about twenty times. I feel like slapping his face more than twenty times. But my eyes needed me more than Aiman's face. I cried and closed my eyes for about five minute. My father and mother came to check on me after my brother and sister told them what had happened. My father asked me to open my eyes to see if any serious damage was done. Nothing. My father asked me to put my face under running water and selawat. I obliged.

The last time I cried I received money, this time, I cried I received empathy. Ciss.. Empathy can't buy me Pull and Bear bag that i wanted. Life sucks.

Current mood: I want to murder Aiman Yusof bin Kamarul Zaki and chuck his eyeballs out and burn them and feed the ashes to the Koi in my house.

Last record for not crying: 6 months
New record for not crying: today; 16/12/08

Idris: Kak isz, mata kak isz macam mata sharingan kakashi laa.. (referring to my left eye, which was red).

V E R Y F U N N Y.

Thank you for reading my rants,


diana said...

great. me, my right eye hurt!

blurbee said...

pehal plak?

Ain Salleh said...

hahahha! idris is soooo funny!

okay but u were hurt!sorry!
haih! memang nak kena lah budak tuh...
macam mane dia boleh buat camtuh??

Blurbee said...

funny at the wrong time (-_-!!)

die tengah main ngan belt
pastu terkena i yg tgh duduk