Thursday, December 25, 2008

Time and tide await none

It is true that time does not wait anyone. Some may feel that time flies when they suddenly realized their face yang sebelum ini tegang ada wrinkle; getting married; expecting a baby; etc. My reasons are:

8. Only my 7-year-old brother is not taller than me

7. Aiman plays football

The one wearing number 2 jersey is my little bro(not really little)

iszati: wey budak tu cute dowh *shows to the boy in jersey number 9
adibah: budak darjah enam pown ko nak :D
iszati: aku cakap je dowh :D cute pe plak

6. I'll be studying for my degree

5. Adibah is going to take her driving lesson soon
And I'm still haven't mastered the art of driving. How ironic =.="

4. Aiman is attending high school

No more dark blue pants, say hello the dark green pants ;P He is currently a SMK Abdul Samad student, but my parents already applied him for MRSM.

3. My butt hurts after playing see-saw

Is it me or the see-saw seat is getting smaller or my butt is getting bigger or see-saw is not meant for a 19-year-old. I have to say that it was a hot day and the see-saw went menegang since it's made from besi :D

2. Sakinah starts to read my teenager books
First, it was twilight. Then, another book from my bookshelf, teenagers flick. The hormones I guess. Hehe.

1. I'll be freaking 20!

I'm always young at heart,

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