Sunday, December 28, 2008

A Kolej Mawar 1A-00-05 resident says

Hello ! ^^
I registered to kolej mawar on the 26th.
I registered myself as an UiTM student this morning.

On my first day,
We went in from the stadium to my kolej by bus.
Me and my whole family.
A bit jakun coz it was the first time we rode a bus together.
My roomates are: Husna, Nadia and Fiza.
Husna is a fellow pre-lawrian from UiTM Kedah,
I actually told someone one of my roomie's name is Huda.
:P (Sorry, I'm not good at remebering names. Nak dekat pown kann.. hehe)
and Nadia and Fiza are STPM leavers(I should call them kakak kan).
I'm back in PJ,
a whole lots of law people ponteng their mms (minggu mesra siswa),
but we weren't suppose to have them in the first place.
I don't bloody care,
I want to go home.
The bad news is
My parents and mardiah's,
Were suppose to return home by today,
From my cousin kenduri potong jambul in our hometown,
But they're not,
Because my Wan somehow wants them to stay untill tomorrow.
So yeah,
Mardiah and I,
are at Mardiah's place,
me having not a single attire to wear except for dirty clothes which I brought back to have them wash at home.
However, it's a wholeeee lot better than staying at kolej Mawar at this time.

I am happy I'm a Law student,
and I'll do my best

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