Thursday, December 4, 2008

Affordable books please

I want Brisingr soooo badly! :'( And Pendragon 8 and 9. But it is soo expensive, x mampu laaa
Brisingr = RM 88
Pendragon 8 = RM 55
Pendragon 9 = RM 55
Total = RM 198


Ain Salleh said...

u can always download it
its worth it..
i pon takde duit nak beli twilight series...
i downloaded it instead...

Iszati said...

i noe, but the eragon series is like my fav series of all time.
i need to have the hardcover!
but i ad nag to my parents and they agreed ;P
but i will read twilight on9.
thanks yo! :)