Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Nasi Lemak = Heaven

Hello people!
My laptop shows it's 1.31 am
I just ate some wickedly awesome 2 bungkus of nasi lemak
and i was self-disciplining myself
not to eat after 8 p.m.
Mama: Kak Isz habiskanlah lagi satu bungkus. Aiman tak nak
Iszati: .....
Mama: Ibah?
Iszati: Kak Isz nak!! ^^
I can't resist the temptation

Since I'm not using my credit
like I used to
I decided to call my girlfriends
make it my bestgirlfriends
I called Aainaa
We used to have long conversation
during the holidays after our 1st semester of pre-law
we share the same birthday!
(take note!! ;) )
I called Diana
I just called her yesterday
Asked for gossip and updates
Talked for awhile
Can't wait to meet her
I called Mardiah
She's my cousin
She didn't answer
I called Kak Ana
My 3rd semester roomie
No answer
I called Zalida
My best friend from standard 1
confirming about
are we going out tomorrow
she says she'll let me know
by tonight
and I still haven't received any answer
Oh well
She's moving to Penang
on the 24th of december
Oh swell
Mardiah called me back
and we talked
for a loooong time
kinda miss her
even though we live in the same neighbourhood
talked about lot of stuff
from boyfriend to UiTM Shah Alam
Talking about UiTM Shah Alam
I'm scared
I'm anxious
What if I don't get BLS?
Why is it taking sooo long
for them
to post
are we accepted
or not!

I'm stress,
And I miss my besties,

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