Tuesday, December 23, 2008

I *heart* Budak Kecik

I have this weird theory.
If you want to know if a 4 year old likes you or not;
You should ask this particular question.
You ask them whether are you cute or not.
Like seriously betul
You should try it.
If they say no,
then you should buckle up and start being nice to the little kiddo.

As for me,
I miss playing with my little cousin,
I used to play tricycle with them,
Four of them,
Ariff, Hakim, Aisyah and Fakihah,
I pown naik tricycle
and bullied my cousin to push me
and they'll say
"Kak Isz nie beratlah!!"

yang ada adik berumur 4-5 tahun
saya sudi bermain
dengan mereka!

I'll always be young at heart,

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