Thursday, December 11, 2008

TAG tag TAG tag TAG

What's your favorite color?
orange!! :D
What's your favorite animal?
tiger, dolphin and panda ;)
Who's your role model?
people who can aspire me to become a better me


How many siblings do you have?
5 healthy siblings :P
How many people live in your house?
How many animals do you have
Used to have 2 hamster: Tom and Jerry (My parents fish is not included).
Where do you live(trailor, mansion, regular house )?
regular house (like duhhh)


Who is your most valuable freind?
I can't name them but I have a few and they are priceless
Which friend do you look up to the most?
All of them ;) There's always something that you can look upon in someone
How many best friends do/did you have?
Gosh, I never bothered to count
How many friends have moved out of your city?
hurm.. none

Would you rather have...
coke or sprite?
Coke! But I'll get dizzy after a few minutes.
lunch or dinner?
Breakfast!! Nasi Lemak and Roti Canai! ;P
a sister or brother?
No thank you.
Mcdonalds or Burger King?
Both!! haha I want double cheese burger and whooper jr.
boyfriend or friend?
hug or kiss?
pinch or poke?
clown or doll?
I am scared of clowns and I don't play with dolls. Teddy bear?

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