Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Oh My Gawsh! The last time i blogged was last week. Seriously, I was busy and the internet line was monopolized by my korean-drama-freak-sister-of-mine (the wireless was broken). The policy was 'first come, first serve' and the earliest for me to wake up was 12.30 pm (i'll sleep back after my subuh prayer). The quote saying 'the early bird catches the worm' is just so true, in this case, it should be 'the early person gets the internet line'. (-_-!!) And there was this one day I woke up at 7.30 am, all pumped up to start blogging, and I saw Adibah and Aiman already infront of the desktop and i was bumped, "Gile awal bangun, haizz,". Then, i slept back (duhhh). When I woke up (around 11.30 am, i think), I was asking Adibah "Ibah, awal gile ko bangun nak online,". Adibah answered, "Aku baru bangun laaa.., ko mesti tgh amai-amai,". =.=" Ciss, there goes my chance of blogging.

Dilemma Cuti Semester

Every time it was semester holidays, I will encounter this particular problems:
  1. double-chinnes
  2. bonchitness
  3. jerawatness
Is it me or does everybody have this problems? Well, it is my fault actually. I don't exercise, pukul 12.30 tgh malam still melayan nafsu, malas nak cleanse, toner and moisturizer kan muke. Haha but that's the joy of holidays kan? Well, that joy sucks when you have to go out (reality) and finds yourself FUGLY enough that you can't bear to look in the mirror. Hiazzz.. I worked so hard to lose a few pound. Jeezz.. My mom suggest me to go for kick boxing classes (since i membebeled at her of my physical look), HURM.. Sounds fun..

The 2nd wedding

It was my Uncle, who is a divorced man, his second time of marriage. Frankly, I am not fond of him, I have my reasons. The wedding was in the oh-so-beloved Kedah =.=" and it was only a few weeks from there. My uncle was responsible for finding us a hotel while we were there, and guess what, we didn't get a freaking hotel! Urgghh!! We got what he called 'homestay' but it wasn't a bloody homestay, it was a teres with two rooms(with air-cond, thank god) and two urgghh toilets. This sounds okay but when you have 3 family staying there, its horrible! . I had to sleep at the bloody simen beralaskan selimut yg nipis with my aunt, Cik endek. Cik Endek came into the room and told me excitedly, "Kak isz, cik endek jumpe alas," Iszati said ecxitedly, "Yeah!". And I was disappointed the next second, it was only a kain sarung! (-_-!!). Iszati sadly said, "Same je Cik Endek," Huhu. My body hurts for the first few minutes, and I decided to sleep secara mengiring. Ikut sunnah Nabi kan. :P The next morning, I can't even feel my backbones. Backbones! Talk to me! Sakinah asked me whether I would to go to Pekan Rabu, i said no because I was just about to spring into the bed. Joy to the world! :) Then, It was akad nikah time. And I was all excited to eat the food after the akad nikah(what can I say?), and we were served with Laksa Kedah. =.=" Tak mengeyangkan! I want Nasi!I Nasi :(

iba n me (muke bajet cute :P)

Kinah, Ibah and I


I can't remember the last time I came here. I'm just showing pics because I'm lazy to type anything.

From left to right
Anak 1-5: Iszati, Iba, Kinah, Aiman & Idris

Mengikut ketinggian
From Right to Left
Idris, Iszati, Kinah, Ibah and Aiman

I'm soo bloody short!

Lacoste shoe that I want. I went to Lacoste One Utama to find these shoe and they don't damn bloody have it. Jeezz.. Yang ada cume some very ugly sneakers.. bengong laa..

Aiman and Tok Hussain

Kinah, Atuk and Nenek

Clockwise from top: Ibah, Ucu & Kinah.

I somehow like this picture. :)

Iszati: Cik endek! Cik endek beli tongkat ali?! (referring to the stick in the picture)
Cik Endek: Haah, cik endek nak buat air tongkat ali
Iszati: OooooOOOoo

Gile excited kan, and it guees what, that stick is not a tongkat ali. It is known as buluh betung. Memang bijak la ko Iszati. The function of the buluh betung was to halau binatang yang berbisa dari rumah. Such as snake, scorpion, etc. I knew that the snake weakness was buluh but I always thought it was the buluh that was used in making Lemang. I learned something I guess.

:crazypanda:weeee to me!

Kinah edited this. And fyi that chupa chup cost RM 23!! Talk about expensive.

Aiman yang gedik & Mama

Nenek showing her grandchild the whereabouts of Langkawi Island on the map.

Cik Endek & her nephew.


A 7-year-old-boy-who's-map-obsessed

Idris: Kak Isz! Kak Isz!
Iszati: Ape?
Idris: Mane hotel kite?
*he was showing me the map of Malaysia*
Iszati: :bofu_20:


Adibah ngan Watermelon die.

Budak-budak yang kelaparan.

My mom bought this huge mentos which contains 6 mentos strawberry yoghurt. I have to say its the yummiest flavour by mentos.
yum yum yum

4 different types of hershes medium packages

I bought this. They're my favvv!
-the end-

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