Saturday, December 20, 2008

If only people could see inside my heart,
They'll know,
How much I cried.
Even though there's a smile on my face,
They'll know,
It's a lie,
Because I'm crying inside,
Why don't I cry in the outside?
I don't know why,
But I just can't,
This tears just won't come out,
All I could do,
Is cry, cry and cry,
Inside my heart,
The cries of disappointment,
The cries of anger.
I'm sorry I disappoint you,
I'm sorry I was angry at you,
Whoever you are,
I'm sorry.
I wish I can cry,
But I can't.
But my heart is crying,
and I wish you can see that.

Being emo,


D said...

errr? explanation pls maam!

Iszati said...

feeling a bit emo :D