Wednesday, December 10, 2008

to My Tadika-mate ;)

Ain! I found you! Hehe The same nose and eyes and that expression of yours, it wasn't that hard. The 2nd row from up, the 6th girl from the right : Ain Salleh. Sorry, it took me such a long time to upload this.

Now, it's your turn to find me ;) Try opening the picture in a new tab. Cepat2! HAHA


Ain Salleh said...

kamu ade lah seorg yang sangat bijak!
tat is me!!!!!!!!
ahahhaha! takleh blah okay!
mmg u pandai...
tat is me!!!!

okay wait! which one is u?
is it the kat teachers row?
the second one from the left?
jgn marah kalau salah?!

Diana Ibrahim said...

omg. wait. i think i know you but before that.. i can see ME!

chup, kita pernah tukar bag ke?
barbie doll bag to be exact! XD

D said...

omg hahaha! kanak-kanak ribena! ain punya expression sama dowh tak ubah until now! isz, well, hingusan teramat!

Iszati said...

yes ain!
you guess right ;)
you are so tall la ainn!

Iszati said...

diana ibrahim,
can you tell me which one are you.

its like more than a decade ago,
I cant remember ;P
i had a barbie bag? ahaha

Ain Salleh said...

i was tall kan, d!
well i still am i think!

yeker i sama jer until now?
maksud nyer comel lagi lah tuh!

isz, diana yang dekat teachers row jugak... 3rd from the right.
sebelah cikgu...
yang bertocang tuh!
senyum buat2 tuh... hah!
tulah diana ibrahim!

Iszati said...

still comel ;)

comelnye tocang die :P

Diana Ibrahim said...

BUT yup! that's meee :D:D

kita penah tukar bag barbie lah!!
i ingat.. i ingat *prays*

Iszati said...

nanti I tanye my dad